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Best Method Tell About Family

Mam: What number of individuals are there in your family?
Boy: There are 5 individuals in my family: my dad, mother, sibling, sister, and me.
Englishspeaking Info Best Method Tell About Family
Best Method Tell About Family
 Mam: Does your family live in a house or a condo?
Boy: We live in a house in the farmland.

Mam: What does your dad do?
Boy: My dad is a specialist. He works at the neighborhood doctor's facility.

Mam: How old is your mom?
Boy: She is 40 years of age, multi-year more youthful than my dad.

Mam: Do you have any kin? What's his/her name?
Boy: Truly, I do. I have 1 senior sibling, David, and 1 more youthful sister, Mary.

Mam: Is it accurate to say that you are the most established among your siblings and sisters?
Boy: No, I'm most certainly not. I'm the second youngster in my family.

Mam: What do your mom/father like?
Boy: My dad likes playing football and my mom likes cooking.

Mam: Do your folks let you remain out late?
Boy: Obviously not. They generally request that I return home before 10 pm every night.

Mam: Do you remain with your folks?
At this moment,
Boy: no, yet I used to.

Mam: Does your family normally eat together?
Boy: Indeed, we do. My mother dependably plans heavenly suppers for us.
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