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Eight days English Practice

Can I get + (thing)

The articulation 'Can I get' can be used in several assorted ways. You can use it to make a request.
Here are some example:-
Eight days English Practice
Eight days English Practice
"Can I  get some water?"
"Can I get a puppy?"
"Can I get eat?"
"Can I get sugar in my espresso?"
"Can I get popcorn at the motion picture?"
You can likewise utilize it when offering to encourage somebody or help out them.
Here are some example:-
"Can I get you another drink?"
"Can I get enable you to move that?"
"Can I prescribe a decent place to eat?"
"Can I get take you home?"
"Can I get enable you to complete your venture?"

I've heard that + (subject + verb)

You are telling somebody that you know about something or that you have been educated of something that is occurring. This could be something that has just happened or something occurring sooner rather than later. 'I've' is a constriction of the words 'I have.'
Here are some example:-
"I've heard that you landed another position."
"I've heard that you need to leave your activity."
"I've heard that you got another auto."
"I've heard that you get a kick out of the chance to run."
"I've heard that you settle PCs."
"I've heard that you've never been to Canada."
"I've heard that there is no school one week from now."
"I've heard that your better half is a yoga educator."

It occurred to me that (subject + verb)

The word 'happened' illuminates somebody that something has struck a chord or has been found. You are telling somebody that you abruptly have considered something.
Here are some example:-
"It occurred to me that we appreciate a considerable measure of similar things."
"It occurred to me that cost for homes are more costly here."
"It occurred to me that eating sound improves me feel."
Utilizing the word 'had' or 'has' can change what you are stating to speak to something recollected in a past time.
Here are some example:-
"It had occurred to me that I overlooked something at the basic supply."
"It had occurred to me I may need to change my email address."
"It had occurred to me that I overlooked my mother's birthday."
"It had occurred to me that previously."

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