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Five Days English Speaking Practice

English Speaking Five Days English Speaking Practice
Five Days English Speaking Practice

I want to + (verb)

This sentence tells somebody what you would be occupied with doing. This can be a physical, mental or verbal activity.
Here are some example:-
"I want to answer that inquiry."
"I want to contend in a cooking challenge."
"I want to account for myself."
"I want to welcome you over."
"I want to hone."
"I want to end up a specialist."
"I want to see you all the more frequently."
"I want to bless your heart."
"I want to find out about creatures."
"I  want to meet the President."

I'm not used to + (verb-ing)

Here you are utilizing 'not used to' to illuminate somebody that you are new or awkward with a theme nearby.
Here are some example:-
"I'm not used to talking English."
"I'm not used to concentrate to such an extent."
"I'm not used to being around new individuals."
"I'm not used to talking before gatherings of individuals."
"I'm not used to having so much pressure."
"I'm not used to voyaging to such an extent."
"I'm not used to working so early."
"I'm not used to having so much duty."

I need you to + (verb)

I need you to' is telling somebody that you have a longing or might want for them to accomplish something.
Here are some example:-
"I need you to clean the dishes."
"I need you to get back home directly after school."
"I need you to call once you arrive."
"I need you to account for yourself to me."
"I need you to instruct me."
By utilizing the word 'require' rather than 'need' you are communicating something that is required or needed.
Here are some example:-
"I require you to contemplate harder in school."
"I require you to stop and hear me out."
"I require you to welcome our visitors."
"I require you to acquaint me with your family."
"I have to ask for a discount."

I'm here to + (verb)

You are educating somebody that you are at a specific place to achieve something.
Here are some example:-
"I'm here to apply for the activity."
"I'm here to step through an examination."
"I'm here to get my blessing."
"I'm here to help every one of your choices."
"I'm here to watch a motion picture."
"I'm here to deal with your PC."
"I'm here to welcome you to the area."
"I'm here to bring issues to light for the disease."
"I'm here to begin the activity."
"I'm here to get the honor."

I have something + (verb)

When utilizing the articulation 'I have something' you are imparting that you have something or need to accomplish something that is unspecified or undetermined.
Here are some example:-
"I have something to finish."
"I have something to impart to you."
"I have something essential to let you know."
"I have something to energize you."
"I have something to disclose to you."
"I have something exceptional got ready for your birthday."
"I have another thing to consider."
"I have something to apologize about."
"I have something to go to today around evening time."
"I have something to ask you."
"I have some good times for us to do."

I'm  looking forward

When telling somebody that you are 'anticipating' you are stating that you are sitting tight or seeking after something, particularly with delight.
Here are some example:-
"I'm looking forward to meeting you."
"I'm looking forward to  conversing with you."
"I'm looking forward to taking some time off."
"I'm looking forward to investing energy with my family."
"I'm looking forward to taking in the English dialect."
"I am looking forward to visiting another nation."
"I am looking forward  to having a family."
"I am looking forward  to moving on from school."
"I am looking forward  to viewing the ball game."
"I am looking forward  to running in a race."
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