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Happy Raksha bandhan 2018: Raksha bandhan quotes for brother in english

Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018: Raksha Bandhan quotes for brother in English
Happy Raksha bandhan 2018: Raksha bandhan quotes for brother in english
Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018: Raksha Bandhan quotes for brother in English

1. These lamas are special, Brother's hands are in the hands of the sister,
    O shedding you have something special for me For my sake, my excitement, 
     Your brother is always with you .... !!!

2. My drowsiness is also sweet with the drops of dew. 
    Rose is too delicate with petals, my excitement.
    There is no princess from the sky,
    Frankly, the king of my eyes is my sister-in-law.

3. All are different from my brother My dear brother 
   Who says happiness and happiness are all where For me,
    happiness is also precious than my brother. 
        Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018

4. Sandalwood thread of sandalwood; 
    Savan aroma rain shower;
    Brother's expectation of love; 
   Congratulations to you the festival of "defense". 
     Best wishes of Raksha Bandhan

5.  When God created the worldOne thing must have been frightened
     How will I take care of such a pair of dolls
     Then he would have made a brother for everyone
    She is a childhood crook, playing on the swings
    That's the scolding of the mother, she loved the papa's love
     But one thing that is special in all of these
    That is the love of my dear sister
     Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018

There is something different about the day of Rakshabandhan
     It's a pizza for siblings,
Rakhi Bhai on brother's wrist burns
This relationship of affection, how lovely is it

This word of defense is to be held in every situation
Whenever the sissy is running the race

Rakhi festival comes in the month of Savan
For the family that brings more happiness

7. it is a symbol of love of siblings
Affection is lit with respect to safety

Rakshabandhan festival together
Look at the rainy season

Brotherly wrists loving the love of sissy
Sister's face will be seen from the gift of a brother

How is a sacred relation, how is it pure?
This is the most sacred festival, everyone's heart pleases.
    Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018

When God will create the world,
  one thing must have been frightened by how he thinks about such a pair of dolls, 
  then he has created a brother for everyone. 

9. She is a childish mischief, playing on those swings, she scolds the mother,
   she is the one thing on the love of the father and who is special in
    all these are the love of my beloved sister
     Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018

Relationship to Brother Sister, 
     Never sweet, ever sour Never give up Ever friendship ever quarrels Ever cry and never laugh, 
    This relationship is loving The most unique is the most unique .. !!

11. Sister's love is not less than a dua,
      It is not gum if it is away
      Relationships often get faded away from distances
      But sister brother's love never ends
        Happy Raksha Bandhan 2018

12. Anyone should be a sister. If you get older, protect your parents.
      If we are younger then our hide behind us ... If you are big then quietly in our pocket, 
      If you are younger, then you are quietly taking out the money ... Small or large,
     There should be a sister fighting for small things ... If you get bigger, 
     who is pulling our ears on the mistake, If you are younger then at your own fault, say sari bhaiya With...         There should be a sister who loves us more than myself ... 
       Best wishes for Rakshabandhan

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