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How to order at a Restaurant In English

English Conversation: How to order at a Restaurant 

Customer:  I would like a table for two
How to order at a Restaurant In English
How to order at a Restaurant In English
 Waiter: sure, would you prefer to sit inside or outside

Customer: Inside Please
Waiter: certainly come to this side Are you ready to order?

Customer: give us five minutes, please
Waiter: sure

Customer: excuse me, please take our order
Waiter: what would you like to have

Customer: I would like to panir and chapati
Waiter: ok anything else

Customer: we would also like some rice with it
Waiter: sure

Customer: can you also recommend a good soup
Waiter: why not, our sweet corn soup is very good

Customer: alright can we get 2 portions of that as well 
Waiter:  sure

Customer:  Thank you
Waiter: Anything in the drink? 

Customer: Yes one coke. 
Waiter: Ok! sir. 

Customer: How long will it take? 
Waiter: It will take 20 to 25 minutes. 

Customer: Excuse me! I neglected to specify a certain something. 
Waiter: Yes, if you don't mind let me know. 

Customer: I need coke without ice. 
Waiter: Sure, sir. 

Customer: Meanwhile might I be able to inspire something to peruse? 
Waiter: What might you want to peruse sir? 

Customer: Can I get a magazine. 
Waiter: Yeah, Sure

Conversation Between Waiter And A Customer

Waiter: Welcome sir. It would be ideal if you sit down.
Customer: Thank you. 

Waiter:  How would I be able to help you, Sir?
Customer: Could you bring me menu card and a glass of water?

Waiter:  Sure sir. Sir this our menu card.
Customer: Could you please disclose to mean acclaimed dish of your eatery?

Waiter:  Sure sir. Would you lean toward veg? or then again non-veg. sustenance?
Customer: Non-veg.

Waiter:  Sir, Mughlai chicken is the best we have.
Customer: OK at that point, I'll have Mughlai chicken with toasted naan.

Waiter: Would you like you to arrange a drink?
Customer: Yes, one coke.

Waiter:  OK Sir.
Customer: How long will it take?

Waiter:  It will take 20 to 25 minutes.
Customer: Excuse me! I nearly neglected to say a certain something.

Waiter:  Yes it would be ideal if you let me know.
Customer: I need coke without ice.

Waiter:  Sure sir.
Customer: Meanwhile would I be able to motivate something to peruse?

Waiter: What might you want to peruse Sir?
Customer: Can I get a magazine?

Waiter: Yeah, Sure

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