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How to Talk at Airport In English Speaking

English Conversation: How to Talk at Airport 

Traveler: Can you please enable me to locate the counter of Air India?
Staff: Sure Ma'am, It is on the correct hand side at counter no.11, next to the counter of Air India Airlines.

Traveler:  Thank you to such an extent.
(At Air India counter) Air India
Staff: what number of individuals would you say you are? Would I be able to please have your travel papers and tickets?

Traveler:  We are two of us, here are our tickets and international IDs.
Staff: Thank you, it would be ideal if you permit me a moment for the check. What amount of gear do you have?

Traveler:  We have 2 packs for registration and 1 hand things.
Staff: That's fine. Benevolently put your registration things on the transport line. Likewise, if it's not too much trouble tie the things labels against every one of your satchels.

Traveler:  Sure, I will do that.
Staff:  Ma'am, I trust you have surpassed your gear's weight restraint.

Traveler:  Oh! What number of kg over would we say we are?
Staff: The point of confinement is 15 kg for every individual on registration stuff and 5 kg available things. For two individuals, the utmost would be 30 kg and 10 kg separately. Your registration things are 32.5 Kg Ma'am.

Traveler:  So, what do you encourage us to do?
Staff: You can take some time and revamp your gear over yonder Ma'am, or pay a fine which is 600 INR for each kg.

Traveler:  All correct at that point. I might want to revise my gear.
Staff: Right Ma'am.

Traveler:  There you are Ma'am, All done
Staff: great Ma'am. Sympathetically put your baggage on the transport line.

Traveler: Sure
Staff: Fine Ma'am. Here is your ticket and stuff labels are behind your ticket. Your loading up time is 14:25 pm at entryway no. 13. Have a sheltered flight. Much obliged to you for picking Air India.

Traveler:  Thank you to such an extent. Have a decent day!

How to Talk at Airport In English Speaking
How to Talk at Airport In English Speaking

Discussion at airport check registration Counter

Operator: good morning, sir.
Traveler: Good morning.

Operator: What's your last goal today?
Traveler: Kerala.

Operator: Could I have your identification, kindly
Traveler: Here you go.

Operator: Are you processing any packs?
Traveler: Just this one.

Operator: Okay, if it's not too much trouble put your sack on the scale.
Traveler: I have a stopover in Hyderabad. Do I need to pick my gear there?

Operator: No, it will go straight through to Kerala. Here are your tickets. Your flight will leave from entryway 15A and it will start loading up at 3:20 pm. Your seat number is 26E.
Traveler:  Ok Thanks

English Conversation: Between Air Hostess and Passenger 

Air Hostess: Hello sir!
Traveler: Hello!

Air Hostess: Would you like chicken or pasta?
Traveler: I will have the chicken.

Air Hostess: Anything to drink?
Traveler: What sort of pop do you have?

Air Hostess: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange and Dr. Pepper.
Traveler: I need an eating regimen coke.

Air Hostess: With ice or without ice.
Traveler: Without ice.

Air Hostess: Here you go.
Traveler: Thanks.

Air Hostess: Would you get a kick out of the chance to have something else, Sir?
Traveler: Yes if you don't mind would I be able to have a pad?

Traveler:  Sure sir.
Traveler: Could I likewise get a couple of earphones?

Traveler:  obviously, Sir.

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