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Ninth Days English practice: Give me a chance + (verb), I don't know whether, Thanks to you for

Give me a chance + (verb)

'Give me a chance' is proposing that you are requesting consent or a chance to accomplish something.

Here are some Example:-
Ninth Days English practice
Ninth Days English practice
"Give me a chance to settle on my own choices."
"Give me a chance to offer to encourage you."
"Give me a chance to open the entryway for you."
"Give me a chance to interruption and consider what we are doing."
"Give me a chance to welcome you to the area."
"Give me a chance to spare you the inconvenience."
"Give me a chance to make a recommendation."
"Give me a chance to attempt and fix your auto."
"Give me a chance to taste the soup before you include more flavors."
"Give me a chance to treat you to some dessert."

I don't know whether (subject + verb)

'I don't know whether' communicates a sentiment of vulnerability or absence of certainty on a specific issue.
Here are some example:-
"I don't know whether they will offer me the activity."
"I don't know whether she'll restore my call."
"I don't know whether my significant other will get it."
"I don't know whether we will go out this evening."
"I don't know whether I comprehend your inquiry."
"I don't know whether I can deal with it."
"I don't know whether it will happen."
"I don't know whether it will matter."
"I don't know whether my mother will take note."
"I don't know whether they will allow us to stop there."

 Thanks to you for

Saying 'thank you' is telling somebody you acknowledge what they have done. This can either be something they improved the situation you or for another person.
Here are some Example:-
" Thanks to you for r welcoming me."
" Thanks to you for helping me move."
" Thanks to you for advising me about the employment opportunity."
" Thanks to you for mailing that bundle for me."
" Thanks to you for working so hard."
" Thanks to you for making a trip to visit."
" Thanks to you for answering to my email."
" Thanks to you for giving me the appropriate responses."
" Thanks to you for warming up supper."
" Thanks to you for hustling to arrive."

Can I + (verb)

When finishing a sentence with a question mark (?) you are asking the individual or individuals you are conversing with an inquiry for which you might want an answer. Here you are requesting that consent complete a specific activity.
Here are some Example:-
"Can I answer your inquiry?"
"Can I go to the occasion?"
"Can I move to another spot?"
"Can I call you tomorrow?"
"v to finish this later?"
"Can I account for myself?"
"Can I assist you with your homework?"
"Can I  incorporate you in our plans?"
"Can I acquaint you with my colleagues?"
"Can I illuminate you of some awful news?"

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