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Part Of Speech An Adjective


An adjective is words that portray or change someone else or thing in the sentence. The Articles — an, a, an and the — are adjectives words.
Examples:- the tall teacher, the frightful lieutenant, a strong duty, multi month's compensation, a six-year-old kid, the unhappiest, most extravagant man, He is an apathetic kid, Here the word apathetic portrays the kid.
English speaking Part Of Speech An Adjective
Part Of Speech An Adjective 

Types Of Adjectives:-

  • Adjective words of Quality:- 

These Adjective words are utilized to portray the idea of a thing. They give a thought regarding the attributes of the thing by noting the inquiry 'what kind'.
Examples:- Legit, Kind, Large, Bulky, Beautiful, Ugly and so on
New Delhi is a vast city with numerous authentic landmarks.
Sheila is a wonderful lady.

  • Adjective words of Quantity:-

This Adjective help to demonstrate the sum or the rough measure of the thing or pronoun. These descriptors don't give correct numbers; rather they reveal to us the measure of the thing in relative or entire terms.
Examples:- All, Half, Many, Few, Little, No, Enough, Great and so forth.
They have completed the vast majority of the rice.
Numerous individuals came to visit the reasonable.

  • Adjective for Number:-

Adjective demonstrating the number of things or pronouns is called Adjective of Number.
One understudy approached to wind up a pioneer of this class.
Examples:- Two kids make an impeccable family
Four subjects of Management Studies are extremely troublesome.

  • Definite numeral adjective:-

The definite numeral adjective gives data as far as the correct number.
One, two, three, first, second, etc.
1. I require one book.
2. These two young ladies are sisters.
3. That young lady completed the race in the main position.

Descriptors that don't give a distinct number are known as an uncertain numeral modifier, as...
all, no, many, couple of, some any, specific, a few
1. Numerous individuals work in this product line.
2. Any understudy can pass the exams.

  • Adjectives for Comparison:-

Adjectives words used to look at things of a similar class are Adjectives of Comparison. There are three levels of examination in the English dialect.
1. Positive Degree
The principal level of correlation is the positive degree.
Raju is solid.
2. Comparative Degree
The second level of examination is the Comparative degree. This sort of thinks about between two things or people.
Raju is more grounded than Mahesh.
3. Superlative Degree 
The superlative degree of examination is utilized when contrasting between in excess of two items or people
Raju is the most grounded among his companions.
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