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Part Of Speech Noun


A thing is a word for a man, place, or thing. (You may get a kick out of the chance to consider things naming words.) 
All that we can see or discuss is spoken to by a word which names it. That "naming word" is known as a thing. 
E.g: Ram,boy ,Gulab ,house 
English speaking Part of Speech Noun
English speaking Part of Speech Noun

Types Of Noun 

1) Proper Noun 2) Common Noun 3. Collective Noun 4. Abstract Noun 5. Material Noun 

1.Proper Noun 

A formal person, place or thing is the name of some specific individual, place, or things 
E.g: Everest, London, Mumbai, New York 

2. Common Noun 

A Common Noun is a name given in like manner to each individual or thing of same class or kind. 
E.g: Boy,tree,horse,king,town 

3.Collective Noun 

An aggregate thing is the name of the various individual or things taken together and talked about all in all. 
E.g: crowd, army, team, family, assembly, committee 

4.Abstract Noun 

Abstract  Noun is generally the Name of value, activity or state considered separated from the question witch it has a place. 

  • Quality- goodness, whiteness, genuineness, courage 
  • Activity - delight, development, judgment 
  •  State- adolescence, youth, destitution 

5.Material Noun 

A materials thing indicates the issue or substance of which things are made. 
Eg gold,wood,stone,iron,wool,bronze,clay. 

Number Noun - : 

In many dialects with a syntactic number, things, and once in a while different parts of the discourse, have two structures, the solitary, for one example of an idea, and the plural, for in excess of one occasion. As a rule, the solitary is the plain type of a word, and the plural is acquired by arching the particular. 
Singular- kid, lady, class, bull, mouse 
Plural- kids, ladies, classes, bulls, mice
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