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Second Days English Speaking Practice

English Speaking Second Days English Speaking Practice
 Second Days English Speaking Practice

I used to + (verb) 

'Used to' communicates something that was done previously, and isn't normally done at this point.
Here are a Some Example:-
"I used to create sites."
"I used to run each day."
"I used to paint."
"I used to smoke."
"I used to telecommute."
"I used to live in California."
"I used to go to the shoreline consistently."
"I used to sing in a choir."
"I used to like vegetables."
"I used to begin work at 6 o'clock."

I have + (noun) 

By utilizing the words 'I have' you are educating somebody of something you have ownership of or have gained.
Here are a Some Example:-
"I have a feline."
"I have a decent car."
"I have a house."
"I have a PC."
"I have a cerebral pain."
You may hear the words 'can't' and 'won't' utilized with 'I have.' By including these you can express what you won't endure or permit.
Here are a few cases:
"I can't have that conduct in my home."
"I can't have you over today around evening time."
"I won't have anything to do with that."
"I won't have it some other way."

I'm going to + (verb)

When utilizing the word 'going to' you are advising somebody what you are wanting to do right then and there or sooner rather than later.
Here are a Some Example:-
"I'm going to have some espresso."
"I'm going to go to work."
"I'm going to eat some cake."
"I'm going to convey my resume."
"I'm going to run a marathon."
"I'm going to approach her out for supper."
"I'm going to quit smoking."
"I'm going to encourage my companions."
"I'm going to take swim exercises."
"I'm going to peruse a book."

 I have + (past participle) 

Tune in to the Entire Lesson
Once more, 'I have' demonstrates ownership or something obtained. By including a past participle you are illuminating somebody of a pastor finished activity done by you.
Here are Some Example:-
"I have done it."
"I have heard that previously."
"I have driven an auto."
"I have overlooked the words."
"I have perused that book."
"I have eaten at that eatery previously."
"I have flown in a plane."
"I have pardoned you."
"I have seen you previously."
"I have composed a letter."

I'm attempting + (verb)

'I am attempting' advises somebody that you are endeavoring to achieve something utilizing in essence, mental, or otherworldly quality. By adding a verb to 'I'm attempting' you are bringing up precisely what it is you are endeavoring to do.

Here are a Some Example:-
"I'm attempting to land a position."
"I'm attempting to call my family."
"I'm attempting to make the most of my supper."
"I'm attempting to instruct myself."
"I'm attempting to account for myself."
"I'm attempting new nourishment."
"I'm attempting to practice good eating habits."
"I'm endeavoring to get it."
You may likewise hear the word 'attempting' used to express a way somebody is feeling. In this way, it communicates strain or misery.
Here are a few cases:
"Adapting new things can be attempting on you."
"That marathon was exceptionally attempting on me."
First Day Practice

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