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Seven Day English Speaking Practice

I'm Working at + (thing) 

'I'm' is a constriction for the words 'I am.' The expression 'taking a shot at' transfers a physical or mental exertion towards an achievement.
Here are some example:-
"I'm Working  at a major venture."
"I'm Working on preparing my canine."
"I'm Working  at making new companions."
"I'm Working at instructing myself."
"I'mWorking on my homework."
"I am working  at painting a house."
"I am Working  at another thought."
"I am Working at my PC."
"I'm Working  at my site."

I'm sorry to  (verb) 

Saying you are 'sorry to ' a sentiment of sensitivity or lament.
Here are some example:-
"I'm sorry to  so late."
"I'm sorry to about your pass out mother."
"I'm sorry for your chance."
"I'm sorry to you feel so dismal."
"I'm sorry to you."
"I'm sorry to with your choice."
"I'm sorry to so late."
"I'm sorry to what I did."
"I'm sorry to  this relationship."

I'm considering + (verb-ing) 

'Considering' alludes to a procedure of thought, framing an assessment or judgment. While communicating 'I am considering' you are telling somebody what you are specifically considering.
Here are some example:-
"I'm considering looking at the new film."
"I'm considering recording my excursion."
"I'm considering following a sound eating routine."
"I'm considering distributing flyers portraying our business."
"I'm considering expanding my work stack."
"I am considering acquainting myself with him."
"I am considering propelling another site."
"I am considering moving to another city."
"I am considering offering her the position."
"I am considering opening up a store."
Seven  Day English Speaking Practice
Seven  Day English Speaking Practice

I'll help you + (verb) 

This gives you a chance to advise somebody that you will give help. This could allude to something physical or mental, such as helping somebody to 'think' or 'recall' something.
Here are some example:-
"I'll help you to cook supper today around evening time."
"I'll help you to fund-raise for your philanthropy."
"I'll help you to enlist for your class on the web."
"I'll help you to move to your new house."
"I'll help you to keep that from happening once more."
"I will help you to stop your auto."
"I will help you to give all the data you require."
"I will help you to understand your potential."
"I will help you to quit smoking."
"I will help you to look for basic supplies."

I'm dying on to + (verb) 

When utilizing the word 'dying on' in this way you are alluding to needing or craving something enormously.
Here are some example:-
"I'm dying the bucket to unwind on the shoreline."
"I'm dying the bucket to pick some new natural product."
"I'm dying on to arrange a few sweets."
"I'm dying on to see whether I landed the position."
"I'm dying on to move to a greater house."
"I'm dying on to take a gander at all the work you've done."
"I'm dying on to take in more about you."
"I'm dying on to acquaint you with my folks."
"I'm dying on to extend my business."
"I'm dying on to check my score on the test."

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