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Six Day English Speaking Practice

I think I Should  to + (verb) 

Here you are educating somebody that you feel concerning completing a specific activity.
 Here are some example:-
"I think I should rehearse my perusing." 
"I think I should join an examination gathering." 
"I think I should deal with this as quickly as time permits." 
"I think I should acquire my degree." 
"I think I should account for myself." 
By including the word 'don't' you have changed what you are passing on from something you are considering doing, to something you are against. 
Here are some example:-
"I don't think I should whine to such an extent." 
"I don't think I should go to that occasion." 
"I don't think I ought to acquire more cash." 
"I don't think I should question you." 
"I don't think I should  choose until some other time."

I'm Having a hard time+ (verb-ing) 

By expressing you are experiencing serious difficulties you are telling somebody you are experiencing issues with something. This could be something physical or mental and something that could be overwhelmed with exertion. 
Here are some example:-
"I'm experiencing considerable difficulties composing." 
"I'm experiencing considerable difficulties understanding you." 
"I'm experiencing considerable difficulties noting your inquiry." 
"I'm experiencing considerable difficulties downloading melodies to my iPod." 
"I'm experiencing serious difficulties consenting to the terms." 
With the expansion of a verb modifier, you can express in more detail exactly how troublesome something is for you. 
Here are some example:-
"I'm having  a great degree hard time confiding in you." 
"I'm having  a great degree hard time with my significant other." 
"I'm having a hard time finding a vocation." 
"I'm having a hard time discovering parts for my auto."

It's difficult for me to + (verb) 

When saying that something is 'hard for me' you are illuminating somebody that what you are discussing is troublesome or trying for you. 
Here are some example:- 
"It's difficult for me to acknowledge what you are letting me know." 
"It's difficult for me to contend your point." 
"It's difficult for me to adjust my checkbook." 
"It's difficult for me to focus on the assignment." 
"It's difficult for me to think about your different alternatives." 
"It's difficult for me to rely upon you." 
"It is hard for me to choose where to go today around evening time." 
"It is hard for me to clarify my activities." 
"It is hard for me to ensure your prosperity." 
"It is hard for me to deal with so much weight."
Six Day English Speaking Practice
Six Day English Speaking Practice

it's my turn to + (verb)  

The word 'It's' is a withdrawal of the words 'it is.' When expressing 'my turn' you are advising somebody that the time has come to change position or position centers around to you. 
Here are some example:-
"It's my turn to walk you home." 
"It's my turn to do clothing." 
"It's my turn to work late." 
"It's my turn to take out the junk." 
"It's my turn to pick where we eat." 
"The ball is in my court to pay for supper." 
"The ball is in my court to roll the dice." 
"The ball is in my court to give an answer." 
"The ball is in my court to attempt and play the amusement." 
"The ball is in my court to endeavor to tackle the issue."

I'm calling to + (verb) 

When utilizing the words 'I'm calling' you are expressing that you are really utilizing the telephone to call and transfer data. 
Here are some example:-
"I'm calling to enlighten you regarding my day." 
"I'm calling to acknowledge your welcome." 
"I'm calling to answer your inquiry." 
"I'm calling to book a reservation at your eatery." 
"I'm calling to whine about something." 
"I'm calling to bless your heart." 
"I'm calling to help your choice." 
"I'm calling to help you to remember our supper designs." 
"I'm calling to report a lost wallet." 
"I'm calling to get my prize."

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