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Tenth Days: how much how many exercises

"How Many,  How Much" Practice In English Speaking

When we need to know the amount or measure of something, we make inquiries beginning with How much and what number.
Tenth Days: how much how many exercises
Tenth Days: how much how many exercises

HOW MUCH ...? - (Quantity) 

What amount is utilized with uncountable things?
How much of time do we need to complete the test?
How much of cash did you spend?
How much of sugar would you like in your espresso?
How much paper will I require?
How much of drain is in the ice chest?
How much of movement was there while in transit to work?
On the off chance that the verb To Be is utilized with an uncountable thing, it is in particular shape (= IS or WAS and so forth.)

HOW MUCH ...? - (Price) 

How much can likewise be utilized when we need to know the PRICE of something.
For this situation, we can utilize How much with countable things (both particular and plural things).
How much is that sketch?
How much are those shoes?
How much did your coat cost?
How much is the dress in plain view in the window?
How much of will it cost me?
How much does it cost?

How Many ...? - (Quantity) 

What number is utilized when we need to know the QUANTITY of something.
It is just utilized with plural countable things.
How many are there in January?
How Many individuals work in your organization?
How Many cousins do you have?
How Many books did you purchase?
How Many nations are there on the planet?
How Many of understudies are in the class at this moment?
How Many seats are there in this room?
How Many of bits of chocolate would you like?

Precluding the noun
Regularly the thing is excluded in the inquiry when it is clear what we are discussing.
An: I might want to get some cheddar. B: How much (cheddar) would you like?
The thing cheddar isn't vital after how much since we definitely know we are discussing cheddar. Truth be told, it is ordinarily excluded to abstain from sounding dull.
A: I require a few coins.
B: what number do you require?
A: I require some sugar.
B: How much do you require?

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