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I don't have  to + (verb)

The word 'don't' is a constriction of the words 'don't.' When including 'have sufficient energy to' you are basically expressing that you have different commitments and every single other thing considered must pause.
Here are Some Example:-
"I don't have sufficient energy to clarify."
"I don't have sufficient energy to eat."
"I don't have sufficient energy to work out."
"I don't have room schedule-wise to watch my most loved TV appear."
"I don't have room schedule-wise to talk."
You can likewise utilize the expression 'I don't' to express things you don't care for, things you don't comprehend, or things you don't do.
"I don't eat meat."
"I don't care for the rain."
"I don't comprehend Spanish."
"I don't comprehend what you are stating."
"I don't care for frightening motion pictures."
"I don't care for sports."

I didn't intend to + (verb)

The word 'didn't' is a withdrawal of the words 'did not'. When utilizing it in a sentence with the words 'intend to' you are advising somebody that you accomplished something you lament or are sad for. This could have been a physical, mental or verbal activity.
Here are Some Example:-:
"I didn't intend to offend you."
"I didn't intend to call you so late."
"I didn't intend to lie about what happened."
"I didn't intend to humiliate you."
"I didn't intend to remain out so late."
"I didn't intend to state those things."
"I didn't intend to forget you."
"I didn't intend to make you confounded."
"I didn't intend to think you were included."
"I didn't intend to cause inconvenience."

I've chosen to + (verb)

'I've' is short for 'I have' and including the word 'chose' you are expressing that you have settled on a choice or reach a conclusion.
Here are Some Example:-
"I've chosen to acknowledge the activity."
"I've chosen to finish my degree."
"I've chosen to change my negative behavior patterns."
"I've chosen to expand my participation at the rec center."
"I've chosen to frame a chess club."
"I've chosen to hand over my obligations."
"I've chosen to enable you to move."
"I've chosen to meet for the activity."
"I've chosen to expand my work stack."
"I've chosen to deal with a store."

I plan to + (verb)

'Plan to' describes something that you would like to do in the near future.
Here are some examples:-
"I plan to find a new apartment."
"I plan to relax on vacation."
"I plan to surprise my parents."
"I plan to wash my car."
"I plan to adopt a child."
"I plan to impress my boss."
"I plan to watch a movie."
"I plan to save more money."
"I plan to read a book."
"I plan to learn new things."

I guarantee not to + (verb)

When utilizing the word 'guarantee' you are giving your statement that what you are stating is valid. You may likewise be guaranteeing somebody a certification that you will take after through on what you are stating to them.
When utilizing 'guarantee not to' you are expressing you won't complete a specific thing.
Here are Some Example:-
"I guarantee not to tell."
"I guarantee not to leave without you."
"I guarantee not to be so late."
"I guarantee not to offend you."
"I guarantee not to wake you up."
You can likewise simply utilize the word 'guarantee' to guarantee somebody of your expectations.
"I guarantee I am coming clean."
"I guarantee to rehearse my math."
"I guarantee to call you."
"I guarantee I will let you know."
"I guarantee I will go to your gathering."

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