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Top 5 Daily Uses Conversation

Where are you from? (Conversation)

Suraj:  Hello.
Urvashi: Hi.
Suraj: How are you? 
Urvashi: I'm great. How are you?
Suraj: Great. Do you communicate in English? 
Urvashi: A bit. Are you American?
Suraj:: Yes.
Urvashi:  Where are you from? 
Suraj: I'm from California. 
Urvashi: Nice to meet you. 
Suraj: Nice to meet you as well. 

How TO Ask Directions  (Conversation)

Amy:  Hello there
Michael: Hi Amy. What's up? 
Amy: I'm searching for the air terminal. Would you be able to reveal to me how to arrive? 
Michael:  No, sad. I don't know.
Amy: I want to take the metro to the air terminal. Do you know where the metro is?
Michael:  Sure, it's over yonder. 
Amy: Where? I don't see it. 
Michael:  Across the road. 
Amy: Oh, I see it now. Much appreciated. 
Michael:  No issue. 
Amy: Do you know whether there's a bathroom around here? 
Michael:  Yes, there's one here. It's in the store. 
Amy: Thank you. 
 Michael: Bye. 
Amy: Bye. 

I'm a student  (Conversation)

Rachel: Craig, what do you improve the situation work? 
Craig:  I'm as yet a student.
Rachel:  What school do you go to? 
Craig:  Boston University.
Rachel: That is a decent school. What do you study?
Craig:  I'm considering English, math, and history. My major is English. 
Rachel:: How long have you been considering English?
Craig:  More than six years.
Rachel: That is quite a while. 
Craig: Yeah, I began to learn English when I was in secondary school. 
Rachel: No big surprise your English is so great. 
Craig:  Actually, it isn't so much that great. I can read however I can't talk exceptionally well. I haven't had a considerable measure of opportunity to rehearse. 
Rachel: I see. Conversing with other individuals is critical. 
Craig:  Truly, yet despite everything, I don't have numerous companions here yet. 
Rachel: I'm hosting a gathering today at my condo. You should come. 
Craig: Gracious much obliged for welcoming me. I'd love to come. 
Englishspeaking info Top 5 Daily Uses Conversation
Top 5 Daily Uses Conversation

Concentrate for exams  (Conversation)

Shawn: Hey Kim. 
Kim: Hello Shawn, great to see you once more. 
Shawn: How have you been? 
Kim: Alright, I didn't rest much the previous evening, however. I remained up until 2AM concentrate on an exam. 
Shawn:  I was up before the end of last night as well. The semester is relatively finished. I've had exams all week.
Kim: It is safe to say that you are returning to California after you graduate? 
Shawn:  I suspect as much. After I graduate I'll likely return home and attempt to get a job
Kim: Do you know where you'd get a kick out of the chance to work?
Shawn:  Not yet, but rather I need to be an English interpreter. 
Kim: That'd be extremely cool. I'd get a kick out of the chance to be an interpreter as well, however, I don't think my English is sufficient. 
Shawn:  Try not to stress over that. Your English is superior to the vast majority of my classmates.
Kim: Much appreciated. Where are you going now?
Shawn:  I will learn at the library. I need to take an exam tomorrow. 
Kim: Me as well. How late does the library remain open? 
Shawn:  I believe it's open until 11:30PM.Kim: 
Alright, Good fortunes. 
Shawn:  You as well. 

Did you get my message?  (Conversation)

Angela: Hi? 
DanGreetings Angela, 
Angela: How are you? 
Dan: Great. 
Angela: I called you yesterday. Did you get my message? 
Dan: Truly, I was washing up when you called. I saw that you called and I attempted to get back to you, yet I think your telephone was off.
Angela: Don't worry about it. I needed to advise you that my companion is getting hitched one week from now. Regardless you're going to the wedding with me, correct? 
Dan: Gracious, is that one week from now? 
Angela: Indeed. Did you overlook? 
Dan: No, obviously not. I as of now got them a present. 
Angela: That is great. I need to welcome Megan too. Next time you see her, would you be able to advise her for me. 
Dan: Beyond any doubt. Does she know your friend?
Angela: Truly, I figure they may have gone to a similar school or something to that effect. I'm not precisely beyond any doubt how they know each other.
Dan: Are we as a whole going to drive together?
Angela: Indeed. I'll lift you up first, and afterward, we'll go get Megan
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