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Use of "how" in english speaking

How to Use How in English speaking 

The modifier how most generally signifies 'how' or 'to what degree'. 
How in questions:-
Use of "how" in english speaking
Use of "how" in English speaking
We utilize how when we present immediate and aberrant inquiries: 
I haven't seen you for a very long time. How are you? 
How was the film? Is it true that it was as terrible as you thought? 
Do you know how I can get to the transport station? 
I asked her how she was nevertheless she didn't answer me. 
We utilize how to present inquiries regarding estimations or sums: 
How old is your granddad? 
How regularly do you get to your cabin at the ends of the week? 
What amount does the normal DVD player cost nowadays? 
[the 'Prado' is a historical center and craftsmanship display in Madrid] 
How far is it to the Prado and to what extent will it take us to arrive by taxi? 

How in Indirect Question:-

We frequently utilize how with verbs, for example, tell, ponder and know in roundabout inquiries: 
I simply don't know how she figures out how to cook so well in such a little kitchen. 
I think about how they do that. 

How in Exclamation:-

In Exclamation, we utilize how before descriptive words, modifiers and verb phrases. In verb states the word arrange is subject + verb: 
They've gotten her a few blooms. How decent of them! 
How incredible! 
How perfectly they sang! 
How we adore New York! 
We don't utilize how with a thing expression. We utilize what: 
What an exquisite coat! 
Not: How an exquisite coat! 

How About:-

In casual talking we normally utilize what about + thing expression and what about + - ing structure when we make recommendations: 
Liz, How about some more natural product juice? 
How about setting off to the show with us this end of the week?

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