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How Can Use "what"

"What" How Can Use what in English speaking

What is a wh-word? We use what to make a request and as a pronoun and determiner.

What as a Question word

Use Of "What" In English Speaking
Use Of "What" In English Speaking
We can utilize what to request data about things and activities:
What do you need?
What's she doing? Advise her to stop without a moment's delay!
What time would you say you are taking off?
We can likewise utilize what in circuitous inquiries:
She asked me what my address was.
I ponder what Jim Barfield is doing nowadays.

Inquiries: wh-questions 

What signifying 'please rehash'
We can utilize what in casual circumstances to request that somebody continue something in the event that we don't hear it or comprehend it:

A: Did you get the paper?
B: Apologies, what? (sorry alone would be more amenable)

A: Did you get the paper?
B: Gracious, yes. It's in the kitchen.

Decided inquiries about whatever and what on earth 

We can make decided inquiries utilizing whatever or what on earth to express stun or astonishment. We stretch ever and earth:
Joan, whatever would you say you are doing? You'll give yourself an electric stun! (more grounded than What are you doing?)
What on earth would she say she is wearing? She looks horrendous in that red and white dress! (more grounded than What is she wearing?)

What as a pronoun 

We can utilize what as a pronoun to signify 'the thing(s) that':
What we have to do is make a rundown of helpful telephone numbers. (the thing we have to do)
I can't choose what to purchase Liz for her birthday.
I haven't got numerous Beatles CDs, yet you can acquire what I have.
We don't utilize what as a relative pronoun. We utilize which:
This is the book which the speaker said.
Not: … the book what the speaker said.

What as a determiner 

We can utilize what in outcries to express a solid inclination or assessment. For this situation, we utilize what as a determiner before a thing or before an/a (+ descriptive word) + thing:
What dazzling blossoms!
What an awful scent!
What a wreck!
What … for?
We can utilize what … for? in two different ways. We can utilize it in casual circumstances to mean why?:
What did you telephone her for? (casual: Why did you telephone her?)
We can likewise utilize what … for? to get some information about the reason for something:

A: What's that catch for? (What is the motivation behind that catch?)
B: It's the on-off switch for the radio.

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