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How Can Use "When"

 "When"  How can use when in English speaking

when is a wh-word? We utilize when to make inquiries, as a conjunction and to present relative statements. 

"when" as a Question word 
Use Of "When" in English Speaking
Use Of "When" in English Speaking

We can utilize when to request data about what time something happens: 
when did you clear out? 
when are you going on vacation? 
when will you know the aftereffect of the exam? 
We can utilize when in Indirect Question: 
She asked me when I would be prepared to begin the activity. 
I ponder when the new PCs will arrive. 

"when" as a conjunction 

We utilize when as a conjunction signifying 'at the time that'. The statement with when is a subordinate condition (sc) and necessities a principle provision (mc) to finish its significance. On the off chance that the when-condition precedes the primary provision, we utilize a comma. 
Discussing In past:-
When I was youthful.
there were no houses here.
No one talked when.
she came into the room. 
Discussing in present:- 
When you begin the motor, there's a weird clamor. 
Discussing in Future:-  In references to the future with when, we utilize the present straightforward or the present impeccable in the when-provision, not the future with a will and will: 
when the new stop opens, I'll go there consistently. 
When I've completed my homework, I will telephone Marita. 
We can utilize when as a conjunction to signify 'thinking about that': 
What's the bring up going out when we must be home by eleven o'clock? 

 "when" as a relative pronoun 

We can utilize when as a relative pronoun in relative statements: 
That was the week when we booked our vacation. 
The bundle touched base in the post at 11 am, the point at which I was still at work. 

Since when? 
We can use since when to ask at what time something started. We regularly utilize it as a reaction when we are shocked that something has started: 
A: Hilary's working at the Art Museum now. 
B Really? Since when? 
A:  Goodness, she's been there around three months. 
Utilizing Since when toward the beginning of an inquiry can express outrage or mockery: 
[talking about youngsters viewing television] 
A: Perhaps you should make an effort not to give them a chance to observe so much TV. 
B: Since when are you a specialist on childcare? (This is immediate.) 

Whenever or if?:-
We utilize when to allude to a future circumstance or condition that we are sure of, while we utilize if to present a conceivable or unbelievable circumstance. 
Look at 
When I see Gary, I'll disclose to him that you made a proper acquaintance. 
I will see Gary. 
In the event that I see Gary, I'll reveal to him that you made proper acquaintance. 
I may see Gary however I am not sure. 

 when or since? 
We utilize when to mean '(at) the time that'. We use since to allude to a specific time in the past until some other time or as of not long ago: 
I had an incredible time when I went to the drift. 
I have been having an exhausting time since I returned home. 

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