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How Can use Where

How Can use "Where" in English speaking

Where is a wh-word? We utilize where to make inquiries, as a conjunction and to present relative conditions.

Where as a Question  word:

We can utilize where to request data about the place: 
How Can use Where in English Speaking
How Can use Where in English Speaking
Where did you purchase those shoes?
Where will you work next Monday?
Where are you going?
Where is he going?
Where is the speaking center in Delhi?
Where is a post office in Agra?
Where did he go?
Where did you go to Delhi?
Where did he go to Agra?
Where will you go to Dhumri?
Where do you put up?
Where will he go?
We can utilize where in aberrant inquiries: 
I asked him where I could purchase an umbrella.
Would you be able to disclose to me where she left the keys?
Vehement inquiries with wherever and where on earth
We can make vehement inquiries utilizing wherever or where on earth to express stun or amazement. We stretch ever and earth:
Wherever would you say you are running with such a major sack? (more grounded than Where are you going?)
Where on earth have I put my wallet? (more grounded than Where have I put my wallet?)

Indirect speech: reporting questions:

Where as a conjunction:
We utilize where as a conjunction signifying 'in the place that' or 'in circumstances that'. The proviso with where is a subordinate condition and needs a primary statement to finish its significance. On the off chance that the where proviso precedes the principle statement, we utilize a comma:
Where you discover a considerable measure of water, you will likewise locate this excellent creepy crawlies.
Where you need to pay for a store, make sure to get a receipt.
Where as a relative pronoun
We can utilize where as a relative pronoun: 
The lodging where we spent our special first night has been devastated.
The lobby where you're giving your discussion has a great sound framework.

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