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How to use "Which" in English grammar

How to use "Which" In English speaking

Which is a wh-word? We utilize which to make inquiries and to present relative provisions.

Which as a Question  word

How to use "Which" in English grammar
How to use "Which" in English grammar
We utilize which in inquiries as a determiner and interrogative pronoun to request particular data:
'Which auto are we going in?' he asked Alexander.
Which exhibition halls did you visit?
Which do you incline toward? Lemon cake or carrot cake?
We utilize which in backhanded inquiries and articulations:
In the Young Cook of Britain rivalry, the finalists were asked which popular individual they might want to cook for.
Discover which way they're going and we'll take after.

Which or What

We utilize both which and what to make questions. We utilize which when there is a confined scope of answers. We utilize what all the more normally when the scope of answers isn't limited:
Which is the capital of Liberia? Monrovia or Greenville?
What's the capital of Liberia?

Which in Relative Clauses 

We utilize which in relative statements to allude to creatures and to things:
We have seen a considerable measure of changes which are useful for business.
The journey transport, which will leave Liverpool for a fifteen-night Mediterranean voyage, profits to the Mersey for 29 September.
We likewise utilize which to present a relative statement when it alludes to an entire proviso or sentence:
She appeared to be more chatty than expected, which was on the grounds that she was apprehensive.
 I lounge around drinking espresso throughout the day. Which, obviously, I do.
We regularly utilize which with relational words. Some formal styles want to utilize a relational word before which as opposed to leaving the relational word 'hanging' toward the finish of the sentence:
There are a few little lakes in which an assortment of fish lives. (or then again There are a few little lakes which an assortment of fish live in.)

Which Sentence Examples 

The shades were altogether shut, aside from at one window which was open 
Which would execute her, the Indians or the nation?
The most vital day I recollect in for my entire life is the one on which my educator, Anne Mansfield Sullivan, came to me. 
My fingers waited unwittingly on the well-known leaves and blooms which had quite recently approached to welcome the sweet southern spring. 
What is the idea of the extravagance which debilitates and pulverizes countries? 
 The youngsters were slanted to be unnerved by seeing the little creature, which helped them to remember the bears; 
he painted an excellent picture which appeared to be secured with a blind. 
.Which was all superfluous. 
Shockingly, Darcie was a great organization, which helped the trek pass by quicker. 
It was essentially that he would not like to advise her - which added up to a similar thing. 
which will never again depend solely on moderate perceptions progressively. 
Presently you require shoes—yet which ones? 
Which was all neither here nor there. 
The voyagers currently continued their stroll toward the house, which they by and by came to. 
He appeared to be OK with his environment, which was amazing in itself. 
I utilized them a great deal finished the years, not generally to the FBI love which didn't encourage my profession, however, I discovered they frequently work. 
The principal point, notwithstanding, was that they flew, and flew quickly, if a bit unevenly, around the stone for which they had headed. 
Will you mercifully reveal to us which way your mom went to get on top the earth? 
there is any amount of cereal, which we frequently cook for breakfast. 
It had a brilliant blue cover, which he was mindful so as not to soil. 
The mother sat down in the shade of a tree and started to peruse in another book which she had purchased the day preceding. 
They tuned in to the French sentences which to them were unimportant, with a demeanor of seeing however not wishing to seem to do as such. 
The town was being barraged by a hundred and thirty firearms which Napoleon had requested up after four o'clock.

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