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English Discussing: Discussion On the Weather

Discussing On The Weather

Tina: Hi? 
English Discussing: Discussion On the Weather
English Discussing: Discussion On the Weather
Joe: Hello there Tina, It's Joe. 

Tina: Hello there Joe.
Joe: How's the climate there today? 

Tina: It's extremely chilly. It snowed throughout the day and the schools shut early. 
Joe: What's the temperature? 

Tina: It's 30 degrees now. It was significantly colder at the beginning of today. 
Joe: Have you heard what the climate will resemble tomorrow? 

Tina: I was viewing the news somewhat prior. They said it's likely going to snow tomorrow. 
Joe: I truly don't care for the winter. I wish it were summer. 

Tina: Me as well. How's where you are? 
Joe: It's not too terrible, but rather it's entirely chilly here as well. It was around 45 today and it rained this evening. I heard it will be a little hotter tomorrow. 

I have a cool 

Tracy: How are you feeling? 
Alan: despite everything I have a cool. 

Tracy: Still? It's been over seven days presently, hasn't it? 
Alan: No doubt, its been a while. I began feeling thusly last Monday. 

Tracy: Is it accurate to say that you are feeling any better? 
Alan: A bit. I took some solution toward the beginning of today and I feel a little better at this point. 

Tracy: What's off-base? 
Alan: I have an awful hack. 

Tracy: Did you go see the specialist yet? 
Alan: Not yet, I may go tomorrow. 

Tracy: I'm heading off to the medication store currently, would I be able to make you anything? 
Alan: Indeed, if it's not all that much inconvenience, would you get me a few tissues. 

Tracy: Beyond any doubt. Something else? 
Alan: Alright, I'll be back in around 60 minutes. In the event that you consider whatever else you require, call me. 
Alan: Much appreciated. 

Snowing outside 

Donna: Hello, what have you been doing today? 
Robert: Nothing, simply staring at the TV. I'm extremely exhausted. I don't have anything to do. 

Donna: I don't have anything to do either. I didn't do anything today aside from clean my home. 
Robert: I know. I was wanting to go to the shopping center today with one of my companions, yet it snowed so much we couldn't go anyplace. 

Donna: I trust it snows throughout the night since I would prefer not to go to class tomorrow. 
Robert: Do you know any individual who has a camera? I need to take a photo of this snow. 

Donna: No, I don't know any individual who has a camera. 
Robert: Have you seen Sara today? I figure she may have one. 

Donna: No, she hasn't been around throughout the day. She said she had something critical to do today? 
Robert: Gracious, where did she go? 

Donna: No one knows. I called her flatmate and she doesn't know either.
Robert: okay Thank you


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